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In addition to the beers listed below, we also have on tap some guest micro-brews and a few popular
domestic beers to please the palate of the light beer drinkers!

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Updated 8/20/2014

Abbey Rye (5.7% alc./vol. 20 IBU):  A traditional Belgian style Abbey Ale with an untraditional twist of rye.  Rye malt accentuates the already spicy and zesty flavors coming from the use of traditional Belgian Ale yest, and increases the dryness, yet smooths the mouth feel.  Brewed by your local, friendly downstairs “Monk”.

*Belgian Tripel (8.5% alc./vol. 34 IBU) Brand New!  This Belgian style Tripel is made with Belgian candi sugar and Belgian yeast.  Only light malts are used to produce soft malt flavor, while the candi sugar boosts the strength of the beer without darkening it.  The Belgian yeast produces mild pepper & clove flavor and a mild, citrus fruit flavor, which give the beer depth and complexity.  Finally, some mild citrus-like hops are used which add to the flavor profile and create some bitterness that nicely balances the sweetness from the candi sugar.  Delicate, flavorful and refreshing.

*Nightcrawler Black IPA (6.3 % alc./vol. 69 IBU Silver Medal - 2012 Great International Beer Festival): Picture closing your eyes and getting handed a beer.  Upon tasting, this beer is deliciously hoppy and finishes with a bitter bite.   You think IPA, but this particular beer has such a velvety mouth feel, and tastes more rich and malty than your average IPA.  You open your eyes and nearly drop the glass!  You weren't thinking 'Black IPA', but there you are.

*Old School Pilsner (5.5% alc./vol. 32 IBU Silver Medal - 2012 Great International Beer Festival):  Called Old School because we are making Pilsner the old fashioned way - without rice!  Our authentic recipe uses Bohemian hops, very lightly toasted malts and German lager yeast.  We baby this beer until it is ready (about 8 weeks) and then let it loose in summer.  Its pale, medium bitterness and mild aroma take you to the fields of Bavaria where I'm sure they drink it all day long.

*Summer’s End (5.0% alc./vol. 20 IBU Gold Medal – 2011 Great International Beer Festival):  Our first house-brewed beer is made to celebrate and extend the final days of summer.  It is light, yet full flavored.  Made with a German Kolsch yeast and German noble hops, our first beer will allow you to explore, relax and feel sunny.

Rocker Red (5 % alc./vol. 23 IBU Gold Medal – 2012 Great International Beer Festival): The Irish Style Rocker Red is probably the beer that has sold the fastest of any style we have ever made, at least that is what happened in '08.  It is a St. Patrick's Day popular beer and so that gives it an extra push.  We make it with an English style ale yeast, some Black Patent Malt (to give it its red color) and a mild combination of hops such that this beer, for its amber color, is somewhat light tasting, mild and smooth.  A real, crowd pleaser, the Rocker Red has a difficult time staying on tap.

Dunkelweizen (4.9% alc./vol. 14 IBU)  Dunkelweizen is a German dark wheat beer made from approximately 50% wheat and 50% barley malts.  The special yeast used produces a clovey, fruity taste beloved of German ex-pats and a lot of Americans too.  Its soft finish makes it an easy drinker.

Oktoberfest Lager (5.6% alc./vol., 26 IBU Silver Medal – 2010 Great International Beer Festival) This traditional, amber German Lager is cold-aged for more than six weeks in order to produce a beer of unusual drinkability: it goes down smooth and teases the palate with a variety of subtle malt flavors.  Gardner’s Oktoberfest is incredibly flavorful, malty and smooth.

Winter Lager (5.9% alc./vol., 25 IBU Silver Medal – 2012 Great International Beer Festival)  This dark, German lager is the kind of beer that takes forever to make and then runs out quicker than you can blink.  Very, very dark with garnet highlights, this rich lager hits you with all kinds of malt notes like caramel, nuts and roast.  Balanced with a low bitterness and subtle European hop aromas, this elixir's quaffability is almost bordering on dangerous.  Oh, the joys of winter!

*The Hef (5.1% alc./vol. 11 IBU):  The Hef is made in the style of a Hefeweizen (pronounced ‘Hayfavietzen’).  It’s light, tart notes are married to a clovey taste and aroma, the combination of which produces our outstanding summer nectar.  We call it the Hef because the girls love it and the guys feel loved when they drink it.

Oma’s Altbier (5.4 % alc./vol. 41 IBU): Oma’s Altbier is German for “Grandma’s Old Beer.”  This Altbier comes to us from an ale recipe that can be traced back hundreds of years, hence the ‘Alt’ or ‘old’ designation.  This rich and full-bodied beer is medium in strength and amber colored.  Its unique character is accredited to German specialty barley malts and distinctive German Ale yeast.  Try this for a big mouth feel, distinctive flavor profile and smooth finish.

*Chair City Pale (5.1% alc./vol. 30 IBU Silver Medal – 2010 Great International Beer Festival):  Our first Pale Ale is an example of the spicy, assertive style of beer that can only be described as American.  It uses an American Ale Yeast and American Hops in a recipe that is designed to confront and engage your palate.  Chair City is spirited, with a hoppy, in-your-face, aroma.  Its citrus and floral notes are the result of the chemistry of fermentation and the generous use of Cascade hops in the later stages of the boil.  Our first pale ale is given the name Chair City because, like the Chair City, it is solid, energetic, remarkable, and will be around for a long time.

*Facelift IPA (6.5% alc./vol. 72 IBU Third Place – 2007 Great British Beer Festival):  Loaded with English Hops and using a traditional English IPA recipe, this beer will happily lift your face as your palate explores its bitter, yet smooth effect.  Facelift’s up front bitterness gives way to a mellow depth of flavor that will have you requesting another pint.

Face-off Double IPA (9.5%alc./vol. 109 IBU Gold Medal – 2009 Great International Beer Festival):  Absolutely smashing IPA with loads of American hops and made with a typical American ale yeast.  You will maybe be amazed at the equal balance between hop and malt, wrestling to see who wins.  Absent from this double is that very grassy, in-your-face hoppiness that makes some doubles difficult to quaf.  Truly a comfortable and remarkable face adjuster.

Vienna Lager (5.5% alc./vol., 25 IBU, Gold Medal – 2012 Great International Beer Festival): An amber lager (named after the city in which the style originated), Vienna has a nice rich malt profile, low hop aroma, and a nice balanced bitterness.  Its toasted malt flavor comes from a combination of 9 different malts, with Munich and Vienna malts dominating.  German noble hops are used to balance out the malty sweetness.  We love this beer, and the judges agree! 

*Naked Stout (3.9% alc./vol. 38 IBU Bronze Medal – 2012 Great International Beer Festival): This crisp, dry Irish-style stout is typical of those made in England and Ireland.  Ours contains hints of chocolate and coffee as a result of the fermentation process.

Nitro Naked Stout (Same as Naked Stout): The above Naked Stout, but less carbonated and has Nitrogen added to produce that familiar, thick, foamy head traditional in Irish Stouts.

Chocolate Porter (5.7% alc./vol. 38 IBU Silver Medal – 2011 Great International Beer Festival): Our Chocolate Porter get its very malty profile from an abundance of crystallized malts.  Its chocolaty and nutty notes result from these Barley malts, Oat malt and a healthy dose of a very dark, roasted malt known as Chocolate.  The overall effect of these ingredients gives a full and malty flavored drink with roasty and chocolate notes that are not due to any addition of actual chocolate or cocoa.  There is no chocolate in our Chocolate Porter!

*Cask Conditioned:  We fill a firkin (a small keg) with a special recipe based on one of our current beers.  It is usually a hopped up or fruited up version that has inspired Dave (the brewer) and me (Rick) to put out there as something special.  Lately, We have done some beer blends too.  We have temporarily abandoned the cask conditioned beers until we can find a better way to serve them.  Sign up for our newsletter to find the latest on this.

Dave’s Double (9.4% alc./vol., 26 IBU Bronze Medal – 2007 Great International Beer Festival):  This doppelbock is a traditional German strong lager typically brewed in winter.  Its heavy malt emphasis and higher alcohol content provide the perfect antidote to late winter storms and bone chilling cold.  You can taste coffee, caramel and toffee, to name a few.  Dave’s Double is a round and smooth drink, the one you have been asking for.

Wicked Big Stout (8.2% alc./vol. 86 IBU Silver Medal – 2010 Great International Beer Festival):  The Big brother to Naked Stout.  Made in the style of a dry Imperial Stout.  Very big flavor and alcohol, dry from start to finish, but not too dry, just refreshingly, roastingly so.  Served in a 12-oz. snifter only.

XSB Extra Special Bitter (5.5% alc./vol. 41 IBU): Extra Special means a slightly more aggressive version of the Bitter style of English ale.  It is slightly more hoppy, a bit maltier, a little darker, a little more alcohol and a bit toasty too!  It's a Bitterer Bitter!  XSB is the English cousin to our Oma's Altbier.

Downtown Smoky Brown (5.9% alc./vol. 34 IBU): This smooth Brown Ale has plenty of hearty, dark malts to give it that flavorful, malty richness that you’d expect from a typical Brown.  However, we snuck in a small amount of Cherry wood smoked malt into this brew, which gives it a mild, yet tasty, smoky flavor.  Picture drinking a fantastic dark brew in front of a roaring fireplace.  It’s glorious!

5-Beer Sampler:  Try out 5 of our beers at once in a round of five 4-ounce glasses!

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