Solstice Party and Beer Breakfast


This year our Solstice Party & Beer Breakfast kicks off our 10th Birthday Party in the Parking lot across the street!


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Approximately 3 weeks into June the Gardner Ale House kicks off the start of our favorite season “Summer” with our Solstice Party and Beer Breakfast.  The closest Saturday to the longest day of the year is the best way to celebrate the end of the bitter snowy cold dreary winter and the upcoming season of sun and fun.

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They come in droves, lined up down the street…. Waiting in anticipation for the bangin’ breakfast buffet. Featuring our Homemade quiche, scrambled eggs, homemade corned beef hash, waffles, breakfast sausage links (the good kind), bacon, sausage gravy and biscuits to name a few.



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Don’t forget our featured Solstice beers…Orange Hef and Espresso Stout.

Orange Hef, a breakfast favorite, is our authentic German Hefeweizen spiked with a fresh orange juice.  A German mimosa if you like.

Espresso Stout is an elegant morning and mid morning drink, as well as afternoon and evening, and in the wee hours too, of course.  We lace our extra dry Naked Stout with Dean’s Beans house brewed espresso.  It goes with anything especially breakfast.





8 a.m. the doors open and the first 75 people in the door receive the Solstice Party and Beer Breakfast 12-oz commemorative pilsner glass. And all people in the door will receive their first beer as a part of the price of entry.



The event is topped off with a performance by the Miller’s River Morris Men at 9 a.m.

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Dancing to songs with names like Bambury Bill, Orange & Bloom, Trunkles, Young Collins, Highland Mary.