Oktoberfest “Party in the Street”



Oktoberfest “Party in the Street”
ALWAYS the last Saturday in September!
Our 12th Oktoberfest is
Saturday, September 30th, 2017.


Oktoberfest is celebrated throughout the world because it is devoted to beer, food, fun and families. There is no other theme. There are no saints nor civil wars nor revolutions, just mostly beer & food & fun. It’s pretty simple. In Germany, they love it so much it lasts for about 4 weeks. Maybe we can do that here at the Ale House, too, someday. For now, let’s just work on this one day and make it great for all of us and for Downtown Gardner. Gardner loves you, baby!

Dubbed “Party In The Street”, Oktoberfest is a profession of our wanton love of celebration in a moderately regulated fashion, outside, for everyone. Perhaps the key words here are party, wanton, outside and everyone. Such a celebration cannot occur very often or it will dull itself. However, as it does occur, the thrill goes right through ones bones. And as our Oktoberfest grows and adds more community groups and more events, the opportunities to play are myriad, the interconnections nearly numberless.
IMG_3744Oktoberfest is the essential celebration that identifies the Ale House and what it is and wants to be for people and Downtown Gardner. We hope you can come out and celebrate an ambitious project-in-people called Gardner Ale House. We are twice as big on this day and the Downtown merchants are in on it, too. It’s gotten to be big and getting bigger each year and now we can close off the streets allowing pedestrians the greatest family style party in Gardner.

Save the date for our 12th Oktoberfest, Saturday, September, 30th, 2017, for a really good day out with the fam.


11:00 AM till 10:00 PM  German Beer Garden, All Day All Night
At 11:00 AM, the Gardner Ale House opens, the German Beer Garden opens, the music begins and the crowd slowly grows.

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Rain or shine we got you covered. We have the authentic German fare of sausages, sauerkraut, potato salad, and beer, beer, beer. We sport our Oktoberfest Lager, Oma’s Altbier and Summer’s End, our Kolsch.  We have lawn games for adults and kids’ activities, too.  Our neighbors, Lakin’s Children’s Fine Apparel and PYCA, will be out in the street, too.  We have popcorn and fried dough to round out the festival feel.

Inside the Ale House
Inside the menu contains exquisite German fare including sausage plates, Wiener Schnitzel and whatever the kitchen comes up with this year in the way of authentic German delicacies.  This finer German cuisine can only be had inside the Ale House.  (You might need a break from the street!)


IMG_355510:45 AM Run For A Beer 5K & 10K
Find registration & race information here as soon as it’s available.  From the starting line at Fitness Concepts Health Club to the finishing line at the Ale House, this run is part of the North County Quad Series and kicks off the festivities at Oktoberfest. As runners finish in front of the Ale House (around 11 to 11:30 AM), the Ale House officially kicks off the celebration with the Tapping of the Oktoberfest Keg. 

11:30 AM  Tapping of the Oktoberfest Keg

With oompah music running all morning, we now begin formally with this tapping and the singing of Ein Prosit.  After the ceremony, the music changes to something a bit more non-ethnic and a bit more rock ‘n’ rolly, but, decidedly nostalgic, for the Ale House owner is old and somewhat stuck in the 60s and early 70s.

PM  The World’s Largest Chicken Dance
The Chicken Dance is a traditional, but newer, Oktoberfest dance. It was introduced in the US in the 80s. And even in Germany and Switzerland it only dates back to the 60s. However, it makes us look silly and so we like it.

2:00 PM  Gardner Chair Luge

To miss this is sadness, to compete is insanity.IMG_4508
Find rules & registration information here as soon as it’s available.
 The Ale House owner was insane once, and paid for it.  He actually, believably, faked his own death for about 15 seconds.  Some people didn’t think it was funny.  He thought he was in too much pain to pull it off anyway – he had to moan and writhe, as required.

The idea is to get a chair, put wheels on it, put some kind of brakes and steering on it (if you care), don a helmet and roll downhill towards Beauregard Liquors from the Ale House.  This event has been taken on as a project by the fun loving Acadien Social Club just down the street.  They feature “Human Bumpers”, a locally known emcee who’s shtick and costume are always a surprise, and several accidents.

3:30 PM  Live Music on the Stage
Immediately following the Gardner Chair Luge, some of the region’s finest live musical acts will take the stage in the parking lot across from the Ale House, as the party takes yet another turn – dancing, chilling and getting re-acquainted with people or getting to know new people.


We close the street party down by 10:00 PM.  The restaurant stays open a bit longer, but not much, for we are all tired and talked out and see only our beds in our heads.