To The Beaches of Gardner!

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Apr 052019

image of the patio at the Gardner Ale House with tables and chairs set upI am feeling a bit frisky (for an old guy – not quite as bent over as in winter) as I begin to experience warmth not generated by oil, gas or wood, but by the sun, which orb had betrayed me as recently as last fall. Cold, yellow, stone in the sky, seems to be morphing, turning into a bit of a heater. Cheers bro, coulda done that a bit sooner, yo.

So, like a bear considering re-emergence, I stick my head outside for the first time in 90 days and I find that my face does not instantly freeze in place, with a frown. I had forgotten this other, warmer, outdoor thing. Where am I? I have missed you all. How was your Christmas? And your winter in general? Ugh. Sorry, but my cave was just the best.

Our great New England flirt, Mother Nature-North East, has begun her annual tease and I am drawn in; no, I am enchanted; no, in love. Yes, that’s it. I think of nothing else, no one else, but my betrothed, spring lover. Warm partner. Her face is the sun. Her breath is a balmy breeze. Her voice is a bird song. Her touch, warm – when she wants it to be. Is she capricious? Surely. Worth it? Duh. I am a slave to her unfaithful charms.

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“Breaking News! Breakfast at the Ale House!”

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Mar 122019

Have you heard the rumor or rumors? We love a good rumor. It gets the word out and sometimes the information is even correct.  In any event, a good rumour creates a good buzz. Well, then, let me set the record straight!

We are changing it up here at ol’ 74 Parker St. We are turning Sundays into a delightful breakfast stop, 9:00 AM till Noon. Still live Jazz music beginning at 10:00 AM.  Still Bloody Marys, Mimosas, beer and full bar beginning at 10:00 AM.  Still regular menu and Dinner Specials beginning at Noon. The Sunday change up is to breakfast, and like change, our breakfast is good. Admittedly, we were getting a little tired of the buffet; we threw out so much food! At least those pigs up in New Hampshire scored big, but what a waste of good food! So, now we have put together a very comfortable and elegant breakfast menu. Ever heard of a menu being called comfortable before?

So, are you worried? What’s the first question that jumps into your head, you buffet addict, you!  Will I get enough to eat? Will it cost more? Will it be oh so totally more awesome? What about the Brunch Club?  In order, the answers are, Yes, No, Totally and it’s called The Breakfast Club! And yes, your brunch club card credits are transferable. How can you be upset? How can you not be hilariously happy? This is twice more fun, easily, no, three times.

If you’ve been hanging around our last few brunches you may have snagged a discount coupon. But you shouldn’t need that to come out for our new baby.

So what’s your other nagging question?  The comfortable menu? What’s so comfortable about it? Well, you’ve just rolled out of bed and don’t need to think.  You want to fall into your selection and engage. Comfortable. Easy.

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Down-to-Earth Brewers Who Love to Shake It Up!

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Feb 062019

If you’re a craft beer lover, chances are good you don’t need much inspiration to pull up a glass and enjoy a pint. Here at the Gardner Ale House our Moon Hill Brewing gang makes it easy to enjoy a good beer, but coming up with a good name is a big part of the process too! And that’s where inspiration’s important, especially when it comes from unusual places.

Take, for instance Templeton’s earthquakes. Not one, mind you, but two. And not during any average week. No — during Christmas.

“After getting our very own pair of earthquakes in the Templeton area, it was incumbent for us to name our next double IPA after the double Christmas quakes,” said our General Manager Stacey Kazinskas. And an enthusiastic owner Rick Walton exclaimed, “Finally, the east coast gets some temblar cred and a double one at that!”

What better inspiration for naming a brand new beer? And that’s how our Earthshake Double IPA came about. Now, silly names are a mainstay of Moon Hill’s brewing team of Ryan Daigle and Matt Ducharme. The dedicated effort they put into coming up with creative names would lead one to believe that, deep inside the brewery, there exists a Ministry of Silly Names, perhaps similar to Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks.

But just as “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!” no one expected twin Templeton quakes at Christmas time. And aren’t we lucky? Jumping on that one allowed us to release Earthshake Double IPA on January 21st — exactly one month to the day after the first Templeton earthquake.

So if you liked Oats Magoats…if you liked Craft Punk (both Double IPAs with their own dose of creative naming)…you’re going to love the Earthshake Double IPA. You just are. Earthshake is currently available in 16oz cans and on tap, only at the Gardner Ale House, in the host display fridge and behind the bar.

So Templeton, here’s to you and your double Christmas earthquakes. You rock! Literally!